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An opportunity to learn something new on a farm holiday.

Cooking courses, wine tasting, artisan crafts and also yoga and music – you can learn about all these things and more at an ‘agriturismo’, or farm holiday
One of the most interesting aspects of a farm holiday is that holiday-makers often have the opportunity to take part in different courses connected to the farm’s main activities. This is a great way to learn something new and learn about the place where you’re staying.
Visitors might be able to take a cooking course, learn about wine tasting or study local artisan skills. There are also often courses about the natural environment for children. There are sometimes courses about how the farm’s products are made and what kind of ancient and modern equipment is used.
Holiday-makers can make their stay much more enjoyable, as well as learn a valuable skill if they take a wine course to learn about which wines to serve with which dishes, how to serve them and how they are produced.
As well as more traditional, rural courses like this one, many ‘agriturismi’ also offer yoga courses, meditation techniques and massage. Some farms offer creative writing, music, singing or dance courses. There are also many places which run corporate activities.
However you look at it, a stay in an ‘agriturismo’ is one of the best ways to spend your holiday.



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